A Celtic Vow of Friendship 

I don’t know the history of this vow, when it was first spoken or written down, but it has the distinct ring of truth. Liz Gilbert recently shared some of these words while interviewing Rob Bell, and I was immediately struck by the idea of not holding on to a cherished or preferred outcome. How often do I do that? Or worse, how often do I try to influence the outcome to fit my agenda? We can imagine what letting go of that would look like, and it’s equal parts terrifying and freeing. The piece of me that’s terrified is the one that likes control way too much. The rest of me realizes that it would actually create more peace, both for me and the people I call friends. One way chokes the life and the other gives life space to breathe. Anyway, these six lines say it better than I can. Enjoy this. 

I honor your path. 

I bring an unprotected heart to our meeting place. 

I drink from your well. 

I hold no cherished outcome. 

I will not negotiate by withholding. 

I am not subject to disappointment.